Job empowerment workshops 2016 – Pedagogy of Freire

These workshops are organized from Edinburgh’s Precarious Office – PiE – with the idea of providing vocational training and guidance to the Spanish-speaking migrant population of Edinburgh.

Theoretical framework:

These workshops are based on Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1970).

Freire raises the idea that we live in a society ruled by a banking Education where there is a duality between Oppressor (educator) and Oppressed (educating). In this workshop we intend to take this idea as a basis and make a parallel with the labour market and people looking for work.

Freire raises the need to break the oppressed-oppressor dichotomy through individual and collective reflection and action.

“It would be a naive attitude to expect the ruling classes to develop a form of education that would allow the dominated classes to perceive social injustices in a critical way”

With this base, the workshop aims to provide a space for individual and collective reflection, where participants become aware and become an active part of the job search process. Giving importance to individual reflection as a tool for transforming our individual and collective reality.

“No one frees anyone, and nobody frees himself, humans liberate ourselves in communion”


  • Offer a space for individual and collective reflection.
  • Provide resources and strategies to develop in the labour field
  • Provide an environment where participants can increase their confidence and security through the dynamics proposed

Lidia – Training and career guidance for the Edinburgh OP – PiE

Workshops on trade unionism and the rights of migrant workers.

Date: JULY, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Location: Unconfirmed

Talk-meeting where there will be a presentation by the PIE, Trade Unions, ELREC and CAB (Citizen Advisor Bureau Edinburgh). The purpose of these talks is to firstly present to the attendees what line of work these organizations make, how they work, what they can do for the workers, etc … Following the presentations, some information tables will be created. There you can send your questions and / or consult your doubts.

It is necessary to register since the place has a concrete capacity. Link to register:

Migrant Resistance Days. Sept 2015

We appeal to all organizations in Scotland to watch and work for and for migrants to participate with us in working days.

Due to the political climate we are living in the last years and the demonization not only of poverty but of immigration in particular as a source of all ills, as well as the use of this demonization in the electoral rhetoric of UK political parties in the last electoral campaign.

These days will serve to measure the pulse of the opinion of immigrant groups working in Scotland, as well as join forces and coordinate campaigns / actions that help to project a positive and truthful image of the reality of what it means to be an immigrant in Scotland. The climate of economic crisis in Europe and / or UK.
Interested parties please contact us: [email protected]