Sexual Health

The NHS sexual health department is located in Chalmers center, with address:

Chalmers Hospital
2a Chalmers Street

The center is at the corner of Lauriston Place and Chalmers Street and is open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 8pm and Friday from 8.30am to 4.00pm.

For appointments and information, call 0131 536 1070. If you have symptoms or feel that your problem is urgent and cannot wait, you can go directly to the center from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 10.00am

The services available at the Chalmers Center are as follows:

Contraceptive methods – advice and supply.

Methods of emergency contraception.

Free condoms.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing and treatment.

AIDS and prevention.

Pregnancy test.

Information about termination of pregnancy.


Menopause and premenstrual syndrome.

Clinic for the gay community.

Colposcopy: examination of the vulva, vagina and uterus.

Clinic for young people.

Information and advice on sexual problems.

Support for victims of sexual harassment.

If you are under age

Lothian Sexual Health services are available for minors. They offer a confidential service for any young person who needs it.

Every afternoon, the Chalmers Center is open to consultations regarding contraceptives, pregnancy tests, sexual health doubts, reviews, tests and treatment if necessary. Previous appointment not necessary.