If you think you may be pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test as soon as possible. You can buy a pregnancy test at a pharmacy, or go to your GP and do it there. All the tests, even the one you do yourself, are very reliable, so if the result is positive, you are pregnant.

If you did not intend to become pregnant, or you are in a very difficult situation, you may want to consider terminating the pregnancy. You can contact the sexual health department on 0131 536 1070 to make an initial appointment at one of their clinics or approach one of the walk-in clinics we mentioned in the first section. You can also ask your primary care physician (GP) to refer you.

If it was your intention to get pregnant, or you are happy to be pregnant, you can contact a midwife by calling 0131 536 2009, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 4.45pm.

If you think you have problems getting pregnant or want information on fertility, contact your GP.