The SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland) offers a wide variety of scholarships for full-time and part-time students.

Scholarships are organized for undergraduate, postgraduate and nursing studies. For postgraduate and nursing funding, you must have resided in the UK for the three previous years prior to the day of enrollment. For degree, there is a list of courses for which the students of European Union can request funding, and normally the organization pays all the rates:


There are different scholarships that offer funding for undergraduate and postgraduate studies (both master’s and doctoral). Most of them ask for the following requirements:

  • Level B2-C1 of English: Being the United Kingdom, many of the universities ask to be certified by the exams of Cambridge (First Certificate or Advanced) or the IELTS (6,5). However, some of the universities also accept the US test: TOEFL.
  •  Average Grade / Bachelor’s Degree score of 7.5: The minimum grade usually depends on the subject of study, with higher grades for Humanities and Social Sciences, and lower grades for Pure Sciences and Engineering.
  • Memory or project: It is very frequent that you are asked for a test, about 2-4 pages explaining your professional career, your motivation to continue studying and the reasons why you want to start a certain course in a certain university. Here what they want is that you sell your ideas and let them know that you have done your homework (that is, you have not chosen a master’s degree just for how beautiful his name is).
  • Two or three reference letters: If you can get them in English, perfect. If not, you can translate them using a sworn translator. Normally, your supervisor of the End of Grade Work writes one of the letters. If you have done internships in any center, ask for one there too. Ask them ahead of time because if your referrers are too busy or are too forgetful, you can see yourself in trouble.

Spanish Scholarships:

Scholarships United Kingdom: