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Certified Quoted in UK

First request the document U1. You can apply online  here .
Send it to the Inland Revenue with:

  • Payslips or P45 of all employers in which you have been in this country (or the last 3 years)
  • P60 or March Nominations for all fiscal years that you have been here (or the last 3 years)
  • Letter from your last company stating the circumstances of the termination of your contract – whether by termination of contract, dismissal, etc.
  • Only photocopies

Sometimes it can be managed from Spain, but taking it already avoids problems later. It seems that in Spain there are also problems to accept the document with digital signatures, so it would be convenient to request a signature by hand, simply put a note in the application before sending it.

Put the Spanish address as the document would be sent to Spain for convenience and usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

With this document and with the time worked in Spain you can apply for unemployment. You can add the time quoted in the UK to what you already had in Spain and apply for unemployment benefit if the total time is around 365 days in good time.

If it is smaller, with a minimum work time it might be enough to request it. (Less than a week maybe). Keep in mind that the amount to be collected will be based on the salary of your last job and the salary of the United Kingdom is not always counted.

More information in the return guide: PDF


Remember that the following is important (especially if someday you want to return, you do not want to be met with surprises)

  • Unsubscribe any help that has to do with DWP (job seeker, income support), Inland Revenue (Tax Credits) or Council (Housing benefit), always making clear the date you leave the country.
  • Disenroll in the Consulate to be able to register you in your city and to be able to request the different aids and benefits.
  • Discharge from telephone companies, electrical, gas, TV, broadband, etc.  so that no bills are passed in your absence and when you return you find undesirable debts.
  • Unsubscribe at the bank, close the account (important)

 Request for return of Fees

You can get it online by filling out the P85. Link here

More information on how to fill it, postal form and guide  here

Rate Repayment Calculator on this page:

Once filled in, it will be sent to the address on the application, including:

  • Last p45 ( original , pages 2 and 3)

It is recommended to do so if you do not plan to return within the fiscal year but would ask for it again.

What the Inland Revenue returns is the PAYE but not your Social Security contributions – NIN – since they are the contributions to the right to have healthcare during your stay here.

More information on the Bristolenos page here .

Return aids.

Information about the SEPE in the Employment Offices of the Spanish State here: WEB

Information of the Public Service of State Employment (SEPE) on return: WEB

 Return, Social Security and Pension Information


And remember if you need more information or have more specific problem do not hesitate to consult us through our consultation page.