Advisory Topics/ Services we offer

  • Advisory issues

The Precarious Office of Edinburgh – PIE, would try to advise as far as possible on the issues mentioned below.
The advice is at the information level and depending on the consultation will recommend the steps to follow and organizations that could help. OP-PIE is the first point of advice, our resources are limited and we will do our best to give the relevant information to solve the problem. Our first appointment is for free but we do accept donations, a more specialised advice we will ask for contributions towards the service (see contributions table below)

We Advise on:


Labour counselling – Migration law, labor law, labor disputes and legal advice. Tenants rights. Migration right. Families. Nationality. Brexit. Home Office advice.

Social: Welfare & Benefits

Advice on welfare and social resources. Rates and Inland Revenue. Rent/Tenant advice. Taxes.

Training and Labor Orientation (Freire)

Training workshops and labor empowerment. Workshops of alternative work options to the precarious.

Support and Personal Development (Health, Empowerment, Emotional)

Health and emotional support, existing resources in Scotland. Referrals to mental health, social services, Woman’s Aid and other organizations that provide support in psychological support. Syndrome of Ulysses

Press (Communication and campaigns)

We also have a press office to help us raise awareness of migration issues in Scotland.
faviconNormally we accept donations so that we can continue doing our work and continue wth our services. Without there donations we would not be able to pay for and even pay for our infraestructure. We appreciate your cooperation

  • Services we offer

OP-PIE offers more specialized help services. These services require more detailed attention and a longer appointment time due to this we ask for a contribution depending on your employment situation. (See table of contributions below)

Our services are:

  1. Processing of forms, legal searches, representation in ACAS, etc.
  2. For the representation in Employment Courts, the contributions are different (see below)
  3. CV and job letters
  4. Emotional Support
    • Proceedings of legal cases in court

Legal letters of immigration (Home Office), Civil, Small Claim Court, Courts of employment, etc.

In these cases the cost of the donation varies depending on the case / time and processing. But the costs are usually in the range of £ 30 to £ 150


First Appointment / Standard Donation £5.00 – Unemployed £10 – Employed
Specialised Legal Advice Contributions Annual Income Suggested Donation per inquiry / Service
Below £12,000 £15
£12 – £19,000 £30
£20 – £29,000 £50
£30 – £45,000 £100
£46 – £59,000 £150
£60,000 + £200

Depending on the level of advice (either help with the CV, cover letter, employment counselling, written letters to your employer, etc.) we will ask for the contribution of a donation to the service, as this helps to keep our service open and So to help more and more people.